Showcasing a PITC Graduate of Class 7

Look who we spotted having fun singing karaoke with the seniors of Bristol! This image is of Jeff Brown, a graduate of Class 7 and a current LPN.  We are glad to see you are doing well Jeff, and thanks for keeping in touch!  Best of luck and keep up the good work!

We encourage all of our fellow graduates to keep in touch and keep us informed on their latest recognitions and accompishments.  Keep it up guys!

CNA Certification will help You get a Nursing Job

Great News!  While attending PITC to become a Practical Nurse, you can also earn the education you need to become a CNA!  Having your CNA Certification will help you land a nursing job andt t shows you have experience and have moved up the ladder in nursing. 
All you would need to do to is complete the Basic Nursing Skills course here at PITC, and also finish your first clinical rotation, to be able to attend the CNA Certification test.  Current students – please contact an admissions representative to find out more information!
You can also refere to this link for more input on how and why having your CNA Certicication will help you land a Nursing Job.