Men were the 1st Nurses

I came across this interesting article about how men were the origninal nurses, yet the field is dominated today by women.  Here’s some nursing history for you…

Men were the first nurses in the military- Even up to the two World Wars in the 20th century. Primarily because only men were permitted to serve in the Army. Even today, only men are battlefield nurses, while women seve in hospitals and on ships. 

Somewhere in the Baby Boomer generation, nursing became known as a “womens’ profession.” It seemed that nobody remembered that it was a male domain for most of its existence! (Perhaps it was the sexy white uniforms and caps that did it?)

The few men who bothered to attend nursing school in the latter part of the 20th century had to put up with all sorts of restrictions: they weren’t allowed in the delivery rooms when a woman was “exposed” (although male doctors were!); they had to have a female “escort” for performing catheterizations; and they were barred from certain clinical areas, like labor and delivery.

Let alone, the sexual assumption that came about in the 70s, that if a male was a nurse – “He must be gay.”  Yet, it’s odd that when a female is a Doctor – it’s not normally assumed that “She must be a lesbian.”  At any rate, we should never let other people’s thoughts and assumptions stop us frrom doing what we want to do.  Besides, the nursing field needs some more good men! 


via A Tribute to Men in Nursing


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